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timber industry construction projectsTimberline Erectors is proud to have knowledgable staff and have been been servicing the everchanging needs of the timber industry for more than 40 years. We also support newer generations that are focused on keeping the most green industry alive for another 40 years.

Recognized by many, the timber industry is the only “green” industry that has held success in the last century. The same plots of ground have been logged, replanted, logged again, and replanted yet again. This renewable resource has a promising future not only for traditional markets but also has begun to show lucrative promise in the production of biomass energy.

As other fuel sources such as coal and natural gas face growing challenges of being eco-friendly, the timber industry marches onward. Beetle killed pine throughout the american west offer tragedy in the form of widespread forest fires. Timberline erectors has the experience and is poised to provide assistance to both the traditional sawmills and the developing markets of biomass energy production.

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Timberline Erectors proudly presents a team of fabrication and installation specialists offering a multitude of high quality support services capable of fulfilling your most difficult project needs.

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