Timberline Erectors Project History

project history timberlineMontrose Forest Products:

  • USNR - Complete New Planer Mill/Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker/Paper Wrapper/Package Line
  • USNR - New Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Line
  • (2)Wellons - Kiln Upgrades ( New Fans, Rails & Concrete and iIntegrated Mill Heating System)

Hampton Lumber:

  • New PDC/Transformer Concrete Slab and Building
  • Wellons - Boiler Annual Maintenance (3 Places)
  • Newnes - New Edger outfeed/Separator Line
  • Newnes - Complete New Planer Mill/Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker/Package Line
  • Newnes - New Sawmill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Line
  • Sawmill Maintenance
  • (2)Irvington Moore - Slant Bin Sorter Upgrades
  • Newnes - New sawmill small log line
  • Newnes Stacker Line upgrade
  • New Resaw Outfeed
  • New Primary Air System Piping
  • Coe – Dry Kiln & Dry Shed
  • LSI - Dry Kiln
  • LSI – Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Lines
  • Boiler Maintenance Shutdowns

Interfor Pacific:

  • Georgetown - Complete Demolition and Installation of Sawmill Stacker Line
  • Weinig – New Planer Line Install
  • Optimil – New Small Log Line ( DLI, Bandmills, Outfeed, VDAG, Resaw2)
  • Newnes – (2)New Planer Mills Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker/Package Line
  • Gilbert/Newnes – New Gilbert Planer with Newnes Breakdown and Infeed
  • New Log Infeed Residual Conveyor System
  • New Log Merchandise System (Removal of Old System)
  • Install new Newnes/Valon Kone/Sawquip - (2) Complete Small Log Mills with Log Infeed/Debarking/Log Merchandising/Primary Breakdown/Secondary Breakdown/Trimmer/ Sorter/Stacker/Concrete/Support Steel
  • USNR/Newnes/Valon Kone - Complete Sawmill Upgrade/Log Infeeds, Debarkers, Log Decks, DLI, Gang Edgers, Board Edgers , Transfers and Mill Demo.
  • Complete Sawmill/Planermill/ Boiler Dismantle

Stimson Lumber:

  • Install Finger Joint System and Supply and install 90,000 sq.ft. Steel Building with Concrete
  • Concrete for Dry Kilns
  • Hi-Tec – Stud Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Line
  • Newnes – Board Edger Line
  • Coe – Board Edger Line
  • Convert Wood Structure to Steel Structure In Stud Mill
  • Convert building Wood Trusses to Steel trusses
  • Boiler Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Hardboard Mill Maintenance
  • Headrig Upgrade

Boise Cascade:

  • Optimil – Install DLI Line with Slabbers and Bandmills, Infeed log Ladder and residual conveyors
  • Schurman – Board Edger Line
  • LSI – Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Lines

Enterprise Lumber:

  • Coe - Complete small Log Mill, Log Infeed/Debarker/DLI/Gang Edger Line/Board Edger Line/Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Line

Croman Corporation:

  • (3) LSI – Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Lines
  • (2) Warren& Bruster - Overhead Enddoggers with quad bandmills and slabbers,
  • (2) Cetec – Twin Horizontal Resaws
  • Headrig
  • Supply and Install Steel Buildings
  • Concrete and Support Steel


  • (2) Newnes – Side by Side Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Lines
  • (2) Newnes/Coastal – Complete Planer Mills
  • Newnes – Complete Small Log Mill with Concrete and Building
  • Newnes – Trimmer Line Upgrade
  • (2) Newnes - Planer Infeed Line Upgrades
  • (3) Teeco – Trey Sorter Tower Conversions
  • Newnes – Board Turner and Grader Stations


  • (2) LSI – Side by Side Sawmill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems
  • (2) LSI - Side by Side Planer Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems
  • (2) OSB Log Infeed/Debarking/Waferizing/Conveying Systems

Longview Fiber

  • Complete Sawmill &Planer Mill with Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems and Dry Kilns

Vagaan Brothers:

  • Sawmill & Planer Mill Upgrades

Plum Creek:

  • Sawmill & Planer Mill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems

Michigan Cal:

  • Sawmill & Planer Mill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems

Owens and Hurst

  • Sawmill Upgrades

Stolz Conner:

  • Complete Planermill with Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker System
  • Sawmill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker System


  • Sawmill & Planer Mill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems

Warm Springs:

  • Sawmill Upgrades

Welco Lumber:

  • New Sawmill Upgrades (Log Infeed, DLI, Curve Saw Gang, Board Edger, and Trimmer Line)

Marysville Lumber

  • New Sawmill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker System

Simpson Lumber:

  • New Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems

Chinese Camp:

  • New Dry Kilns and Sawmill Upgrades

Eel River Lumber:

  • New Planer Breakdown System

Fortuna Lumber Co:

  • New Planer Mill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker System

South Coast Lumber

  • New Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems


  • New Planer Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker System

Avison Lumber:

  • Sawmill Upgrade


  • Sawmill & Planer Mill Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker
  • New Finger Jointer and Building

International Paper

  • New Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker Systems

PH Chadborn:

  • Complete New Planer Mill with Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker systems

Seneca Sawmill:

  • (2) New Trimmer/Sorter/Stacker systems
  • Sawmill Upgrade

Zip-o-Log Mills:

  • Large Log Mill

Swanson Superior:

  • Trimmer/sorter/stacker System
  • Sawmill upgrades

Angelina Forest Products:

  • Tandem Sorters

Many other projects to numerous to list: Dry Kilns, Planer Mills, Sawmills, Buildings, Concrete and Structual Steel.

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